laser freckle removal Castle Rock COLaser freckle removal is a safe and effective way to remove freckles from any area of the body.  We feel laser is the best freckle removal option available.

Freckles are concentrations of melanin in the skin which can be easily removed with BBL (Broad Band Light) lasers.

Our Castle Rock, Colorado laser clinic uses the best laser on the market.  Our Sciton laser technology will effectively remove freckles for good.  

We can perform laser freckle removal on any skin surface including your face, lips, back, chest, arms, legs and breasts. 

The laser freckle removal treatment is relatively painless, with little to no recovery time. 

Do I need Laser Freckle Removal?

It's either a love or hate relationship with freckles. Some people think they are cute, while others only see blemished skin. 

If you would much rather see a clear, spotless complexion in the mirror, then laser freckle removal might be the best option for you.

 What are the benefits of Laser Freckle Removal?

  • It is relatively painless
  • Positive effect on emotional wellness
  • No side effects
  • No recovery time
  • Can completely and permanently remove freckles
  • Can be used nearly anywhere
  • Effective and safe
  • Can be used at any age (children require parental consent)

Call us at 303-744-1767 for a free consultation regarding laser freckle removal. We are located in Castle Rock, CO just south of Denver and near Parker, Littleton and a short drive up from Colorado Springs.