Procedures vary from client to client. How much time treatments will take, what sort of results to expect, how many treatments you will receive, and any possible limitations to your treatment would have to be discussed during a consultation.  There are a few things to know if you have already set up an appointment.

What the Treatments are Like

Treatments are not painful and you have little to no recovery time.

    • When you arrive, depending on what type of body work you are having done, you are usually required to remove your clothing and wear a robe.

    • You will be asked to either lay or sit for the duration of the procedure, depending on what will be most comfortable and appropriate.

    • For laser treatments you are required to wear eye protection.  We will apply a gel to the area being treated and will then start the procedure.

    • For electrolysis no gel is applied. 

    • The length of the procedure varies depending on the treatment.

    • After the procedure we will clean the area and then apply aftercare.

    • You will be able to then leave and proceed with your day as usual.

Post Treatment

    • Please do not go into any swimming pools, hot tubs or the ocean after a treatment for at least 3 days.

    • Try to avoid overheating yourself with exercise for at least 3 days.

    • Do not go suntanning for at least 3 days after the procedure.

For Laser Treatments

There are a few things to prepare yourself for before your appointment.

    • It is preferred that you be clean before any treatments so please shower beforehand.

    • It is best if you do not do anything that may overheat your body before any treatments; this includes exercise.

    • Please, do not drink any caffeine before the treatment.

    • Do not get in a swimming pool, ocean or hot tub

    • Do not use any lotions, tanning oils or creams

    • Please remember to shave the area being lasered before your treatment.


Our treatments are not for everyone.  Certain diseases, pacemakers, pregnancies, and other health situations may limit your ability to get laser, electrolysis, or other treatments.  Please contact us for a free consultation to determine if laser or electrolysis treatments are right for you.




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