best-hair-removal-optionLooking to get that unwanted hair removed in time for beach season?  Which method are you going to use to get your summer body into shape?

Summer is here and many people getting their beach bodies ready are now beginning to looking to shed at that winter coat they grew over the long season here in Colorado. The current hot contenders for hair removal are laser hair removal, waxing and electrolysis. This little guide will give you a quick overview of some of the benefits and downsides to all three and will help you decide which is best for you.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing vs. Electrolysis

To start there is the ever popular and well-known laser hair removal. There are numerous benefits to using laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair. For one, lasers are very precise. They can target specific areas of the body, specific hairs even. It is lightning fast to get a whole area of your body done with a laser. Get lasered on your lunch break! Not to mention that there is little to no recovery time after going through a laser session. The worst reported symptom is just a little redness and slight irritation.

Lasers can also be used on sensitive areas such as the face. Got some peach fuzz under your lip? No problem! Less than a minute later, it's gone! One of the great things about laser hair removal is that all practitioners are highly trained and certified to take care of you. There's no question that they know what they're doing because certifications for laser hair removal aren't just handed out, they have to be earned.

Laser hair removal is great for people with coarse, thick, dark hair. It is especially good for people who may not want a section of their body to have no hair at all but to instead have the hair amount reduced. Laser hair removal usually results in dramatic hair reduction, with any hair that grows back being fine and light in color. 

Laser hair removal's precision is amazing, especially when compared to waxing, which is almost non-discriminate when they yank that strip. The hot wax can be irritating as well to most skin types, not to mention the recovery from having all the hairs ripped out from the root. The most mockingly ironic thing about all this pain and effort is that it isn't permanent (in removal or reduction). Hair grows back after waxing just not as quickly as it would if you were shaving.

Waxing involves a long process of growing the hair, cleaning the area, heating and applying the wax, applying the strip, forcefully removing the strip, and then moving to the next section. The whole process to wax your legs would take over an hour for a small section of your body. Not to mention that you have to deal with growing out hair in the very area you want it removed from.

Electrolysis is gaining in popularity as more people learn of it's potentials and versatility.  One of the major bummers for people looking into having hair removed using lasers was that laser hair removal is limited to individuals with darker hair.  This means that people with red, blonde, grey, or any lighter colored hair were not eligible for laser hair removal.  With electrolysis, however, anyone can have it done.

Another major plus to going with electrolysis is that the hair removal is absolutely permanent and completely safe. Consider the amount of money and time you've spent on shaving, shaving accessories, and shaving cream over the last several years?  Wouldn't it be lovely to never have to buy those things again? Electrolysis is a great solution for you.  

One of the only downsides to electrolysis hair removal is that you have to grow the hair out before it can be removed. This can be disappointing if the hair is in an embarrassing area; however, it will only serve to remind you of how happy you will be to be rid of it!

So in summary here is a quick FAQ.






Can anyone use it?   N  Not recommended for sensitive skin   Y 
Is it good for dark haired/dark skinned people?  Y   Y  Y
Is it good for light haired/light skinned people?  N   Y   Y
Is it permanent?  Permanent hair reduction  N  Y
Is it safe?  Y  It can be dangerous if the wax is too hot  Y
Is it fast?  Y  N  N *The procedure is fast, yes, but you need to grow out the hair.
Is it precise?  Y  N  Y
Do I need time to recover?  N  Y  N
Can I do it at home?   N   Y  N


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