Years ago I had looked into laser hair removal only to be disappointed when I found out that it didn't work on certain hair types.  I have reddish blonde hair and fair skin. 

When I found out about electrolysis being a possible option, I called Castle Laser Electrology Clinic.  I am so happy that I did.

The staff is awesome. They were honest about everything and really knowledgeable. I felt completely comfortable with the procedure and I am now permanently hair free!  It's so awesome.  I cannot stop touching my legs!

I want thank the staff and I highly recommend electrolysis to anyone considering having hair removed.  

Amber Antley

I have suffered from a severe form of cystic acne on my back ever since I was a teenager and I am now in my 30s. I had tried all the cleansers, creams and even some of the pills.  I had given up and figured it was just something I would have to deal with.

My wife found out about Castle Laser Electrology Clinic while researching hair removal places.  She mentioned that they had a laser that could correct the causes of acne.  I was impressed with the before and after shots and figured I'd give it a try.

The results are amazing. Not only did my acne completely go away after only a few sessions but a lot of the scarring is gone as well.

I highly recommend this location.  The staff was very professional and courteous.

Jeremy Anderson


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